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As a senior research scientist within the Industry Environment Program at CSIRO Environment, based in Canberra, my fervour lies in three captivating areas of research that span across diverse domains. Firstly, I'm immersed in applied genomics research, skillfully leveraging the potential of bioinformatics to expedite discoveries and drive applications. Next, my focus shifts towards harnessing the remarkable capabilities of insects as engineers, propelling circular economy endeavors that transform waste into invaluable resources. Lastly, my curiosity drives me to unravel novel gene-enzyme systems with the potential to catalyze a revolution in biotechnology. With these three passions interwoven, my commitment is firmly rooted in shaping a brighter future through the realms of science and innovation, creating impactful outputs across environment, health, food, and biosecurity domains.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2005

    PhD in Biotechnology
    Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, India

  • 1999

    MSc in Biochemistry
    G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, India

  • 1996

    BSc in Zoology, Botany and Chemistry
    Kumaun University, Nainital, India

Professional Experiences

  • 2011--

    Senior Research Scientist

  • 2008-2011

    Research Scientist

  • 2004-2008

    Postdoctoral fellow

Achievements and Awards

  • 2014-2016

    Julius Career Award
    CSIRO, Australia

  • 2002-2004

    Senior Research Fellowship (JRF)
    Department of Biotechnology/Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India

  • 1999-2001

    Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)
    Department of Biotechnology/Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India

Other highlights

  • 2019--

    Adjunct Fellow, Macquarie University

  • 2015--

    Editor - PLOS One

  • 2021--

    Editor - Insects


  • 2023-2026

    Bio-inspired plastic digestion with the wax moth

  • 2023-2026

    Engineering insects to detoxify challenging waste streams

  • 2023-2023

    SIEF MEP4: Pacbio Revio long-read sequencer

  • 2021-2024

    A systems biology approach, using a plant-derived toxic fluoroacetate model, for unlocking and manipulating organofluorine bioremediation

  • 2015-2020

    Raising Qfly sterile insect technique to world standard (Project HG14033)

  • 2023-2025

    Optimising metagenomic bioprospecting in microbiomes for novel enzymes and protein

  • 2015-2016

    Enzymatic degradation of dinitroanisol

  • 2014-2015

    Enzyme encapsulation and release using a high internal phase material for explosive applications

  • 2013-2014

    Chemotactic sensor particles for remote detection of pollutants (extension)

  • 2011-2013

    Chemotactic sensor particles for remote detection of pollutants

  • 2011-2011

    CSIRO-CSIR India Exchange Program

  • 2022-2023

    Clean-up and optimise a genome assembly and annotation pipeline written in bash

  • 2012-2015

    Biological methods for the processing of lignocellulosic biomass

  • 2011-2011

    Bacterial toxins, insect toxicity and bacterial genomes

  • 2010-2010

    Next Gen Sequencing on the lab bench

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2011--

    Member, Institutional Biosafety Committee

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