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Ms Ilka Priebe

Senior Experimental Scientist

Contact details:

PO BOX 10041


Ilka Priebe is an Experimental Scientist in the Diagnostics group at Kintore Ave. Adelaide, working in cell and protein biology. The area of research focuses on non-invasive biomarkers of healthy ageing and markers for the intestinal health and disease. Ilka has played a key role in developing blood-based protein biomarkers for the early detection of colorectal cancer. Ilka has extensive experience in biomarker analysis and validation and has strong skills in ELISA-based techniques, including cell based assays, cell culture and passage, processing of blood samples, Proteomics, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, including hybridomas and operating of the fully automated TECAN liquid handling robot and the Luminex Liquichip platform.

Expertise and research focus:

• Establishing of gut organoids from human gut epithelium derived from normal and tumour/CRC patients as a high throughput screening platform to optimise therapeutic strategies.

•The identification of novel biomarkers for the detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

•The development of a fully humanised antibody as a cancer therapeutic.
This project was a joint venture with CSIRO and DYAX , a Boston based USA company.

•Apoptosis and the Pharmacology of Butyrate:
establishing the Free Flow Electrophoresis system (FFE) and DIGE as a Proteomics platform which aims to further elucidate the mechanisms of butyrate action in susceptible cells and butyrate resistance in some tumor cells

•Involved in the characterisation of novel IGF-I analogues that modulate the outcomes from IGF receptor signalling, and to evaluate potential therapeutic applications


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