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Dr Joanna Parr

Executive Manager, Operations


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PO BOX 218


Dr Parr was awarded a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of Leeds (UK) in 1984 and her PhD from the University of Wales (Cardiff, UK) in 1988. Her thesis was on the geology of a highly mineralised region of Lower Proterozoic volcanic rocks in central Sweden. The research showed the ore deposits had formed 1,800 million years ago in an environment similar to hydrothermal systems forming on and just below the seafloor today. Her PhD was followed by postdoctoral studies at The University of Newcastle (NSW; 1990-1993) investigating the geology of the Pinnacles Deposit (15 kilometres south west of Broken Hill, NSW).

Dr Parr’s ongoing interest in the formation of the Broken Hill ore bodies and satellite deposits, resulted in a new interpretation for the timing of the mineralisation relative to the rocks in which they sit. This area of scientific research had important implications for the way in which geological models are developed for this style of mineralisation.

Dr Parr joined CSIRO in 1993 and from 1993 to 2003 she was a research scientist in the Seafloor Ore Systems research group. From 2003 to 2008 Joanna was Executive Officer to the Wealth from Oceans Flagship's director and from 2008-2013 Joanna led research in the WfO's Coastal Balance research stream, which included a range of projects related to Australia's marine industries and the multiple pressures in our coastal environments. Dr Parr led the Ore Deposit Geology Group in the Discovery Program of CSIRO Mineral Resources from 2016 to 2018. She continues to have interest in the ore deposits associated with seafloor hydrothermal systems, as well as the integration of a range of geological skills to understand ore deposits at the whole-of-system scale.

Joanna recently returned to a management role as Executive manager for Operations in the Mineral Resources Business Unit. This new role gives her the excuse to broaden her horizons and learn about CSIRO's contribution to the complete minerals value chain.

Current Roles

  • Executive Manager, Operations
    Mineral Resources Business Unit

Academic Qualifications

  • 1984

    BSc (Hons)
    Leeds University

  • 1988

    University of Wales

Professional Experiences

  • 2016-2018

    Group Leader Ore Deposit Geology
    Discovery Program, CSIRO Mineral Resources

  • since June 2014-present

    CSIRO member
    IODP-ANZIC Science Committee

  • since July 2016-present

    Hon Secretary
    Geological Society of Australia

Achievements and Awards

  • 2002

    CSIRO Chairman's Medal
    Seafloor Ore Systems Team

  • 2006

    One-CSIRO Award
    WfO Flagship Oil and Gas Team

Other highlights

  • 1993

    Participant in the SuSu Knolls (Solwara) discovery cruise

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • since 1999

    CSIROCare Parent management committee and CSIRO liaison officer

  • since 2012

    Earth Science Centre, Chief Fire Warden