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Dr Justin Perry

Research Scientist


Justin Perry has been intimately involved with conservation management, indigenous land management and biodiversity monitoring/ecology in Northern Australia for the past 20 years. Living and working in remote areas of the Northern Territory and Queensland has exposed Justin to the inherent limitations and challenges faced by land mangers in remote areas.
For the past six years Justin has been leading several projects on Cape York Peninsula that have worked with land managers (predominately indigenous ranger groups) to develop robust baseline monitoring of biodiversity with a specific emphasis on the impact of threatening processes such as feral animals and fire on the plants and animals of this region. The main focus of this work has been to collaboratively develop appropriate frameworks and tools for measuring the success of NRM projects in relation to biodiversity conservation.
Justin has worked closely with local collaborators to develop appropriate monitoring techniques and tools that facilitate scientifically rigorous monitoring of aspects of the biodiversity specifically designed to match the time and capabilities of various rangers groups in this region. Justin has also spent considerable effort working with indigenous groups and regional organisations to develop methods for visualising and presenting results that are useful and accessible to a variety of end users.
Justin has developed strong professional networks in the ecological and land management community both in Australia and internationally and is currently collaborating and leading several cross organisational / institutional projects. Justin also has very strong collaborative networks and relationships with the corporate sector, philanthropists, NGO’s and the business community.

Other Interests

Working with land owners in remote northern Australia has led to a much broader perspective on sustainable economic development for northern Australia. Justin has a keen interest in multiple-objective land use planning that supports economic development alongside conservation and social and cultural impacts.

Current Roles

  • Project Leader
    NESP Northern Australia Wetlands Management

  • Project Leader
    Regionalisation of the late dry season for fire in northern Australia

  • Project Leader
    Supporting Aak Puul Ngangtam in monitoring marine turtle predation

  • Project Leader
    Internet of Things sensor networks for tracking and modelling feral animals in northern Australia

  • Co-researcher
    NESP Tropical Water Quality, watershed ecosystem services

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD
    James Cook University

  • Masters
    Charles Darwin University

  • Bachelor of Applied Science
    Charles Sturt University

Professional Experiences

  • 1998-2005

    Protected area management

  • 2005-2019