Dr Keryn Paul

Principal Research Scientist

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Keryn joined CSIRO in 1999, and over the last 17 years become a national science leader in measurement and modelling of carbon under plantations, farm forestry and restoration activities, e.g. complex regeneration or regrowth, and environmental, biodiversity and riparian plantings. She also has expertise in application of models to predict the economic viability of revegetation activities, and associated trade-offs and co-benefits.

Keryn’s research outcomes have led to significant impacts via the revision and development of new methodologies that landowners can now adopt to gain carbon credits from vegetation management, as well as reducing the costs of participation in such schemes - particularly through efficiencies in field survey design and the use of generalised allometric models.

Over the last five years Keryn has instigated, secured the funding for, and led three large, complex projects in the area of terrestrial carbon accounting, with a focus on increasing participation of landowners in re-vegetation programs under Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund: (i) Environmental and Mallee Plantings Project (2011-13), (ii) Soil carbon following reforestation (2012-15), and (iii) projects for the Emissions Reduction Fund (2013-16). These projects have been multi-agency and involved numerous collaborators, requiring strong leadership as well as a deep understanding of both the science needs and the policy requirements.

Projects Keryn is currently leading include two projects funded by the Australian Governments, Emissions Reduction Fund team. These project entail improving estimates of biomass carbon in: (i) human induced regeneration and avoided deforestation projects, and (ii) restoration of woodlands. She is also currently working with the team in the Australian Government responsible for the development and improvement in the Australian carbon accounting model, FullCAM. This project entails assessing whether improvements can be made in calibration of biomass to an index of site productivity.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1995-1998

    Ph.D. (Agricultural Science)
    Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. 'Development of surface soil pH gradients under various management systems'.

  • • 1991–1994

    B. Agric. Sc. Hons.
    The University of Melbourne, Victoria.


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