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Ms Natasha Porter

Social Scientist, Behavioural & Social Sciences, Land and Water


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Natasha Porter (BSc (Natural Resource Management) Hons. University of Western Australia 1997) has been a Social Scientist with CSIRO since 1998. Research topics have included the development of regional land and water management plans, climate change and catchment management, the influence of climate forecasting on land use planning, understanding decision-making in irrigation practices, urban demand management, drinking water aesthetics and satisfaction, creating a new water culture in major cities, behavioural intention for water reuse, the use of citizen science in the field of biosecurity, modelling behaviour in biosecurity, looking into future cities in terms of sustainability, liveability and resilience, understanding community views of recent ecological change in Australia and climate change, understanding consumers’ reactions to new housing options, investigating the desirability of zero energy housing in the volume home buyer market and reducing plastic waste in India. These studies have been both focused purely on developing social theory as well as integrating with multidisciplinary projects. Natasha's expertise covers the design and implementation of community based experimental research (including questionnaire design, ethics approval, data collection and analysis and reporting), quantitative data analysis (including attitudinal modelling), qualitative data collection (interviewing community groups and individuals, government departments, agencies, fellow researchers) and project management.

Natasha is currently working in the Circular Economy domain.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1997

    Bachelor of Science (Nat Res Mgt) Honors
    University of Western Australia

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