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Dr Suzanne Prober

Senior Principal Research Scientist


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Dr Suzanne Prober is a Senior Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO Environment in Canberra, Australia. Her research is centred on managing and restoring the natural diversity, ecosystem function, and resilience of vegetation communities, with a long-standing interest in balancing production, cultural and economic values with nature conservation, particularly in temperate eucalypt woodlands.

Core research areas include management of fire, exotic invasions, and soil ecological processes in interaction with land use, and helping Aboriginal people document their ecological knowledge and aspirations to help them re-engage in natural resource management. Facilitating adaptation of nature conservation to climate change, underpinned by principles reflecting the values of nature to people, is an increasingly pressing focus.

Suzanne’s research is conducted with a wide range of collaborators using field ecological survey and experimentation, workshops, opinion surveys, soil and plant genomic analysis, and modelling tools. She leads the Great Western Woodlands Supersite, a long-term ecological research site of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (TERN).

Current Roles

  • Member
    Science Accreditation Committee, Accounting for Nature

  • Member
    Ngadju Indigenous Protected Area Advisory Committee

  • Editorial Board
    Ecological Management and Restoration

  • Team Leader
    Adaptive Ecosystem Management team

  • Adjunct Associate Professor
    University of Western Australia

Academic Qualifications

  • 1986

    BScAgr Hons
    University of Sydney

  • 1990

    PhD (Vegetation Ecology)
    Australian National University

Professional Experiences

  • 2016-2019

    Program Leader, TERN OzFlux (Australia's Land-Ecosystem Observatory)
    Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network

Achievements and Awards

  • -2021

    Land and Water Growing our Impact Award

  • -2017

    Bjarne K Dahl Medal
    Eucalypt Australia

  • 2012-2015

    OCE Julius Award

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