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Dr Anne Rae

Research Director


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Dr Anne Rae leads the Crops Program in CSIRO Agriculture and Food.

Anne completed a PhD in the Plant Cell Biology Research Centre at the University of Melbourne and then moved to the UK, where she spent five years as a postdoctoral researcher at the John Innes Centre, investigating Rhizobium-legume interactions. In 1994, Anne joined CSIRO, where she continued her research on plant development, physiology and function. After testing novel molecular approaches to improving forage digestibility, Anne joined the crop nutrition team with a focus on sulfate and phosphate uptake by cereals. Since moving into sugarcane research over 15 years ago, she has lead a series of collaborative projects aimed at increasing sucrose content, developing alternative products from sugarcane, and defining traits for improved productivity.

The goal of the Crops Program is to lead global innovation for resilient and sustainable agriculture, through applied crop biology and advanced breeding technologies to deliver value and impact for Australia.

Current Roles

  • Research Director
    Crops Program

  • Project Team Member
    SRA2018/003 Implementation of root system diagnostics to deliver a field based measure for root health


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