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Mr Farhan Rizwi

Scientific Programmer


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Farhan Rizwi has been professionally developing technical software since the year 2000. He started his software career on the Simulink engine development team at The Mathworks, Mass., US. Prior to that he studied Controls Systems engineering and has worked as an Electronics engineer at the special Chubb projects branch Chubb VISION, Sydney.

Currently, Farhan combines his knowledge of dynamical systems and software engineering skills to develop and implement Ocean modelling software within the Environmental Modelling Suite (EMS). He is the overall software architect of the EMS infrastructure that binds together the many packages of EMS.

Current Roles

  • Scientific programmer and Software Engineer
    For EMS and RECOM

Academic Qualifications

  • 1998

    Universtity of NSW

  • 1999

    University of Southern California

Published data & software

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