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Dr Nathan Reid

Group Leader


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Dr Nathan Reid completed a PhD from the University of Adelaide on the role of biogeochemistry in mineral exploration in Australia and discovered the importance that spinifex could play in gold exploration. He then moved to CSIRO in Perth where he has spent the last 14 years working on hydrogeochemistry and biogeochemistry projects related to mineral exploration. He now leads research in hydrogeochemistry and promotes the collection and integration of groundwater chemical data into the Continental Scale Hydrogeochemistry initiative.

New technologies: Dr. Reid has spearheaded the development of innovative products that have gained recognition and adoption within CSIRO and external agencies. An example of this is working to champion the incorporation of drone imagery into new projects by becoming one of 2 RPA (drone) pilots within Mineral Resources. The following achievements highlight his impact:
• FAIMS/Fieldmark ( Dr. Reid was an early pioneer in the development of an application for geochemical field sampling that was initially conceived for hydrogeochemical field samples. The Federated Archaeology Information Management System (FAIMS) was initially a product from the Archaeology Department at Macquarie University but Dr’s Reid and Klump saw how it could be utilized for CSIRO sampling protocols. The scope has been broadened to include biogeochemical, soil, and rock sampling. Its potential was highlighted within the Coompana geochemical sampling campaign with GSSA, helping to optimize the helicopter time spent on ground to save at least 40% of fuel as a true economic saving. Its practicability and usefulness have been acknowledged by a variety of companies and survey staff, who have continued to use FAIMS even after the completion of collaborative CSIRO projects.
• The Fluid Monitoring System (FMS): A breakthrough technology conceptualized within the DET CRC, the FMS evolved into a commercially viable product for facilitating real-time monitoring of drilling fluid chemistry with ion selective electrodes. This product is being investigated further as a potential application in environmental monitoring and rapid fluid characterisation.
• XT Hydro ( Dr Reid’s early engagement with the Exploration Toolkit team ( has led to the adaptation of the hydrogeochemical workflow into a tool aimed at simplifying the processing and interpretation of hydrogeochemical data. This tool has been launched onto the CSIRO Marketplace and is being trialled by industry partners.

Dr. Reid's hydrogeochemical evaluations have provided vital support for exploration activities by companies in Australia, Africa, and Scandinavia, particularly for base metals, gold, and lithium. Dr Reid has (with the aid of XT Hydro) compiled and released the continental scale hydrogeochemical database for Australia, which has already seen many requests, downloads and spawned enquiries that could lead to further project work

Other Interests

Bush tucker

Current Roles

  • RPA Pilot
    Drone Pilot for exploration/regolith imagery

  • Fire Warden
    Fire Warden for 6D in the ARRC Building

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2009-2020

    Health and Safety Representative

  • 2021-Present

    CMR Field Safety Committee

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