Mr Nick Rigopoulos

Materials Engineer

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Nick is a versatile materials engineer having spent over 30 yrs in materials R&D in areas involving ceramics, metals and polymers. His broad knowledge of polymer/ceramic composites led to a 9 year secondment at Olex-Nexans to develop fire proof multicore electrical cables. This involved the selection of materials to make complex ceramic-polymeric compositions, including mechanical, electrical (Lab Scale), electrical (large scale fire cable testing to AS/NZ3013) and finally transfer of lab scale technology to large scale processing using existing Nexans equipment. Nick further developed lower cost thermoplastic versions of fire cables which removed the use of curing and manufacturing defects during the cable making process.
This technology gained sales of $4M pa in previous untapped segment of the market. The next generation of multicore fire cables gained $10M of sales prior to its release in the market.

Other Interests

Classic Car and Bike Restoration.

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