Prof Stephen Rose

Probing Biosystems Future Science Platform Leader

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Prof Rose is a Senior Principle Research Scientist within CSIRO’s Health & Biosecurity business unit and Leader of the Probing Biosystems Future Science Platform (FSP). He is also an honorary Principal Research Fellow within the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, a major medical translational research facility located within the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) research precinct. Prof Rose is well recognized as a leader in medical imaging research as evidenced by his significant research track record, extensive collaborative network, and invited membership of NHMRC fellowship and grant review panels. During his career he has contributed to the development and translation of innovative medical imaging technologies enabling more effective delivery of diagnostic and treatment planning services, improved patient outcomes and streamlining patient workflows. Prof Rose works closely with clinicians and allied health workers developing the next generation of molecular imaging platforms targeting oncology, neurodegenerative and brain development disorders. He also leads an innovative research program in the emerging field of precision nanomedicine, developing novel biomolecules and theranostics platforms for improved delivery of therapeutic targets to cancer cells in vivo. As the leader of the Probing Biosystems FSP, Prof Rose directly supervises a $13M research portfolio developing innovative technology platforms in model organoid systems, the next generation Point-of-Care (PoC) - in vitro diagnostic devices, and wearable and implantable biosensors for improved health surveillance.

Track record: Prof Rose has made a significant contribution to obtaining competitive funding for 12 various NHMRC funding initiatives ($16M), grants from the ARC and various Research foundations ($6.5M), Queensland Government initiatives ($6.5M) and the international pharmaceutical industry ($10.5M). Prof Rose was successful in obtaining $3.5M from the Queensland State Government to help fund state-of-the-art clinical imaging technology within Herston Imaging Research Facility, namely the first clinical hybrid PET/MRI scanner installed in Australia. Prof Rose is currently supervising 11 PhD students and 6 research scientists in the fields of advanced clinical imaging, novel image analytics and theranostic technology development. He has 7 patents in imaging technology highlighting the translation of his research. He has published more than 270 manuscripts in international peer reviewed journals. In terms of general citation indices, his work has been cited 6112 times and his h-index is 37. Prof Rose has published 96 manuscripts in the last five years and is an invited member of various NHMRC Grants Review and Dementia Fellowship panels (2010-2017).


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