Dr Jenny Skerratt

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Jennifer Skerratt is an aquatic scientist who uses observations, numerical models and scenario modelling to research estuarine and marine ecosystems. She has published in international journals on topics including biogeochemical modelling, scenarios and management strategy evaluation, molecular and chemical analysis of plankton and microbial environments, harmful algal bloom ecology, aquaculture impacts, estuarine and coastal ecology, microbial ecology toxicity and taxonomy.

At CSIRO Jennifer is part of the Coastal Environmental Modelling team as a biogeochemical modeller and observational researcher and analyst. Her interest is in coastal and scenario modelling analysis and understanding plankton dynamics from a water quality perspective. The CEM team developed the eReefs marine modelling system used to estimate the water quality properties of the Great Barrier Reef. Jennifer has also worked in a similar role with the team for the finfish aquaculture industry (Tasmania, South Australia, Chile), scenario analysis, and incorporation and analysis of the effect of sewage stormwater and river discharge in other estuaries and coastal environments.

Total Articles in Publication List: 34
Articles With Citation Data: 31
Sum of the Times Cited: 1916
Average Citations per Article: 53
h-index: 24

Current Roles

  • Scenario and biogeochemical modelling analyst
    Scenario analyses for Aquaculture, Great Barrier Reef, Water quality management

  • Observational and biogeochemical modelling analyst
    Great Barrier Reef, Chile, South East Queensland, Southern Tasmanian estuaries, South Australia Tuna fisheries biogeochemical modelling observational and statistical analysis

  • Management Strategy Evaluation
    Aquaculture and Coastal Environmental Management in SE Tasmania

Academic Qualifications

  • 2002

    IASOS, Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Hobart

  • 1992

    First class (upper) Honours
    IASOS, Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Hobart

Achievements and Awards

  • 2004-2008

    CSIRO Office of the Chief Executive post doctoral award

  • 2002

    Deans Role of excellence (PhD) award
    University of Tasmania

  • 1999-2000

    French Embassy Award
    Australian French Embassy

Other highlights

  • Antarctic field and marine science research (4 summer field seasons)

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2009-present

    CSIRO Scientists and mathematicians in schools (SMiS)


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