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Dr Jessica Stromberg

Team Leader


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Jessica is a geoscientist with expertise in ore deposit geochemistry and the application of geochemical and spectroscopic techniques to ore systems throughout the mining cycle. At CSIRO Mineral Resources she is the team leader of the Mineral Footprints Team, and is involved in Project 3 of the MinEx CRC, the National Virtual Core Library, and various projects applying the combined use of lab and field spectroscopic and geochemical techniques in mineral exploration. She is broadly interested in improving the workflows in which we collect and integrate geoscientific datasets to better address the needs of the minerals industry.

She obtained her Doctorate in Geology from the University of Western Ontario in Canada where she worked in the Superior Province on Archean orogenic gold systems. During this time she also gained practical experience working in underground mining as a production geologist. Following that, she spent one year as a post doctoral fellow and instructor at University of Winnipeg (UofW) teaching introductory geoscience courses. As a member of the UofW Planetary Spectroscopy Facility she integrated spectral, mineralogical, and geochemical data sets in the study of meteorites and planetary analogue systems. She also has extensive experience applying spectroscopic and synchrotron X-ray techniques for a variety of geological materials including ore minerals, gold, meteorites, and biogeochemical samples.

Jessica is strong believer in the importance of increasing inclusion and representation of historically excluded populations in the geosciences and broader STEMM community. She is actively involved in the CSIRO Mineral Resources D&I Committee and the Pride@CSIRO werkgroup and network, is on the national committee for QueersInScience, and is the ECMR member of the AAS National Committee for the Earth Sciences.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2017

    PhD Geology and Planetary Science
    University of Western Ontario


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