Dr Monika Szabo

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Dr Monika Szabo is a Business Development Advisor within Services (Clayton, VIC) for the SME Collaboration Nation Mission and CSIRO Kick-Start Program.

CSIRO missions are major collaborative research programs aimed at making significant breakthroughs. Specifically, the SME Collaboration Nation Mission aims to double the number of small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) engaging with publicly funded R&D by 2025; to create a resilient, thriving Australian economy, rebuilt on SME-driven innovation. Monika's role is to drive forward this mission through interactions with key stakeholders, supporting pilot programs, investigating funding opportunities and exploring research capabilities and infrastructure from research organisations (including CSIRO), that can be utilised for the mission to help improve collaboration with SMEs.

Monika also works within CSIRO Kick-Start, which is a dollar-matched funding program to help Australian start-ups and small SMEs to undertake a research and development project. Utilising CSIRO researchers, capabilities and facilities, eligible companies can receive a voucher of $10K-$50K. Monika's role is to facilitate connections between companies and a potential research team within CSIRO that has the expertise required to deliver the project.

Monika started working at CSIRO in 2017 as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the medicinal chemistry field. Her interests lie mostly in small molecule drug design and using different techniques to gain selectivity. In 2020 she moved from Manufacturing to Services, where she now works on boosting innovation in Australia through SMEs.

Current Roles

  • Business Development Advisor
    SME Collaboration Nation Mission & CSIRO Kick-Start

Academic Qualifications

  • 2015

    Doctor of Philosophy (Medicinal Chemistry)
    Monash University

  • 2011

    Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Honours)
    Monash University


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