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Dr Savage is the Research Director of the Biomedical Manufacturing Program. The Program's aim is twofold:

(1) Working collaboratively with existing companies in the Australian biomedical industry to develop new and innovative devices, materials and processes, while also improving productivity and efficiency, thereby leading to growth, global competitiveness and economic and environmental benefits; and

(2) To develop novel and innovative devices, products, and processes, delivered through new companies in the Australian biomedical industry, which will meet emerging market demands for medical and pharmaceutical products and services, thereby creating investment and economic opportunities.

Dr Savage joined CSIRO in 1990 following a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Florida, USA, 1988-90, with Professor Alan R Katritzky, FRS. His post doctoral research encompassed a variety of projects including: the detection and decontamination of chemical warfare agents, synthesis of organic liquid crystals, computational chemistry and laser desorption FT-ICR mass spectrometry, high-field nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of polycyclic heteroaromatic compounds, and preparative transformations using benzotriazole as a synthetic auxiliary.

Returning to Australia, Dr Savage took up a post doctoral position with CSIRO in the Division of Chemicals & Polymers in 1990 working on the Dunlena Project, a joint venture between CSIRO and DuPont. He was subsequently appointed: Research Scientist, 1991; Senior Research Scientist, 1994; Project Leader of the Crop Protection Chemicals Project, 1997-99; Director of Dunlena Pty Ltd; Program Leader of the Molecular Engineering Program at CSIRO Molecular Science, 2000; Theme Leader, Australian Biotechnology Growth Partnerships, 2005; and Research Director of Biomedical Manufacturing in 2014.

Dr Savage has a BSc (Hons) and PhD (synthetic heterocyclic chemistry) from the University of Queensland; and an MBA (Technology Management) from the Chifley Business School, La Trobe University.

He is...
- a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
- a graduate and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
- a member of the American Chemical Society
- the former Editor-in-Chief of Chemistry in Australia
- a former Member of the Victorian Biotechnology Advisory Council.

Publications: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/C-2443-2008

Current Roles

  • Research Director
    Biomedical Manufacturing

Academic Qualifications

  • 2005

    MBA (Technology Management)
    La Trobe University

  • 1988

    The University of Queensland

  • 1983

    BSc (Hons)
    The University of Queensland


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