Mr Peter Shanks

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Programmer and web developer
November 2007 - 2016 (9 years)
Lead developer of - creating documentation for RTOs to track and validate their assessment tools. Developer of, a machine translation of vocational education training packages into training ready assessment tools.
Responsible for web site development, including user interface design, programming, design and maintenance of the back end database, server administration and accessing and processing SOAP feeds from 3rd parties.
Technologies used: PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), MariaDB, Python, Bootstrap framework, cloud based Linux server (Ubuntu 14.04).

I.T. Trainer at TasTAFE
July 2010 - June 2016 (6 years)
Teaching programming and web development up to and including advanced diploma level. Subjects include PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, game development, mobile web application development, responsive web design.

Learning Technologies Manager and Programmer at Sprout Labs
December 2012 - November 2015 (3 years)
Writing jQuery and PHP scripts to build a Silverstripe CMS and SCORM learning object generation tool for Australian IP's online training initiative, teaching international patent assessors how to apply Australian patent law.I was responsible for taking the learning material produced by the learning designers and writing routines that would make it possible to enter that material (and the user interactions it called for) into our Silverstripe content management system, and then produce SCORM packages from the approved content ready for import into the clients learning management system (LMS).The job called for good communication skills (the development team were located around Australia). It involved writing PHP objects, Javascript, CSS and jQuery, testing in a variety of browsers (from IE8 on up) on several platforms (Linux, windows, iPad and OSX)
Technologies: PHP, Jenkins integration tool, GIT version control, jQuery, Bootstrap framework, Silverstripe framework, Moodle LMS (Learning Management System), SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)

E-Learning Project Officer
January 2009 - August 2011 (2 years 8 months)
Promoting e-learning and teaching vocational education professionals how to use web 2.0 technologies for course delivery. Provided training and advice to the State's Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) on delivering competency based training online. Set up and developed content for learning management systems

Toolbox champion at Australian Flexible Learning Framework
2009 - 2011 (3 years)
Taught for two years as Tasmania's Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF) Toolbox Champion. The AFLF was the Nation's primary source of staff development in this field, and the role I filled was only offered to one person in each of Australia's States and Territories. Responsible for promoting and teaching flexible learning tools and techniques to Tasmanian vocational education practitioners. A large portion of this training involved both using and teaching social media, web 2.0 technologies and learning services.
Key Project:
23 Things for teachers and trainers
An online course introducing teachers to 23 new technologies for delivering online training.
71 education professionals enrolled in the course (15 from South Australia, 56 from Tasmania). During the course there were 17,933 page views and 1012 discussions posted in the forums. Participants were enthusiastic and reported a high degree of satisfaction with the course.By my reckoning this makes the 23 Things project one of the first MOOCS run in Australia (albeit well before the term had been coined :)

I.T. Teacher
February 2005 - December 2008 (3 years 11 months)
Teaching web development and computer applications (Open office, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access). Responsibilities: Gather user requirements. Design layout and interactions. Source content and create Moodle activities.Install and configure Moodle platform. Advertise course and enrol participants
Facilitate course: moderate forums, run Elluminate sessions, track participation. Design evaluation and gather feedback Trained a range of information technology classes from Certificate I to IV level, including teaching subjects on HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.Trained staff in iPAQ (PDA) use in training and learningPresented at the RPL South Western Regional ForumAlso worked with the National Training Information System (NTIS) to produce web applications used by VET professionals around Australia (

Director, progammer and web developer
October 2003 - June 2007 (3 years 9 months)
Designed, wrote and maintained the database driven web portal: - serving 2 million pages a month on a dedicated windows 2003 server, IIS6 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Retail operations and programming
January 1998 - December 2005 (8 years)
Established and ran a retail video game outlet: Megalong Games. Designed and wrote all back end systems for managing the store, an online catalogue and Internet sales.

Web Developer
January 2002 - October 2003 (1 year 10 months)
Extension and maintenance of a web based billing interface for international satellite service providers. Responsible for front end planning, development, testing and release. Gathered user specifications, drafted proposals, and coded, tested, implemented and maintained solutions. Managed a small international programming team. Technologies: PL/ SQL packages served via Oracle 9iAS, Oracle Designer

Applications Developer
June 2001 - February 2002 (9 months)
Designing and coding the touch screen interface used by Woolworths supermarkets at their point of sale terminals.I was one of the lead programmers and the product was eventually rolled out and extended to become the self serve terminal currently in use across Australia.Technologies: VB6 COM objects, C# GlobalStore framework back end, Microsoft SQL server, Access databases, barcode readers, touch screens

Senior Analyst Programmer
November 2000 - April 2001 (6 months)
Designed and created the Station 12 content management system, an extranet allowing global access to widely distributed offices, editable by the content owners. Development of a database driven content management system + HR modules, security layers and news publishing service.Key Project:STATION 12 CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM An extranet allowing global access to widely distributed offices, updateable by the content owners. Development of a database driven content management system + HR modules, security layers and news publishing service.Technology:ASP, Dreamweaver Ultradev, COM, SQL7 Server, Access 2000, HTML, JavaScript, IIS4
Responsibilities:Gather user requirementsDraft specificationsDesign and implement database schema (Access, SQL7 server)Set up server software (IIS, COM, FTP, Visual Interdev)Code ASP and HTML pages (~ 75% of the site)Supervised 2 junior HTML/ASP developersAssist with module testing (UAT)DocumentationOutcome:In less than 6 months we had designed, coded and implemented the system, providing a multi-language document server, company directory and news service. Coded in Australia, Malasia and the Netherlands, it provided links between the company’s 50 offices across 35 countries and was completed early and within budget.

Webmaster at Telstra
January 1998 - November 2000 (2 years 11 months)
In charge of the Global Satellite business unit web site and intranet. Responsible for the generation and maintenance of internal and external web sites and advising management of current and developing opportunities for Internet based business.
Selected Accomplishments:
- Managed and developed the Global Satellite Internet and intranet sites (several hundred pages)
- Developed a web based account management system, reporting on major satellite traffic accounts for international telecommunications companies, including database creation and administration for SQL server and access databases.
- Instrumental in the launch of a new satellite communications service: MiniSat MultiMedia with support for marketing and website development
- System administrator on remote BSD Unix and NT servers
A marketing campaign promoting the provision of the world's first portable broadband satellite service. The campaign was designed to demonstrate the service's unique capabilities - setting up a website, running a video conference and web casting from remote locations.
Streaming video and audio, HTML, FrontPage, Non-Linear video editing (MediaStudio Pro), MPEG, digital photography and image manipulation (PhotoImpact); Image, audio and video acquisition and editing for the remote website.Gave numerous radio, magazine and press interviews
Posting the remote site from the Kimberly region.Design, write and publish Nepalese video conference site
Set up and run video conference back to Singapore press
Set up and run video streaming webcast from various remote venues for the 2000 Adelaide festival.
Extensive coverage in the Australian and Asian media - newspapers, magazines, radio and TV - as well as several awards on the web.

Analyst Programmer at Telstra Mobile Satellite and Radio Services
March 1991 - January 1998 (6 years 11 months)
Specification, coding and documentation of business support software
Selected Accomplishments:
- Development of Internet an intranet sites on Unix and Windows platforms
- Developed a Customer Service System using Oracle 6 & 7 + Forms 4
- Novell Netware LAN installation and administration in Perth and Sydney.
- Drafted a Telstra wide plan for employing and retaining staff with physical disabilities.

Senior Coastal Radio Officer
January 1981 - March 1991 (10 years 3 months)
Responsible for monitoring and responding to distress calls, maintaining radio transceiver equipment.
Selected Accomplishments:
- Designed, developed, installed and trained operators in the use of a national radiotelephone call docketing system, including dial up access to billing information
- generating over $A4 million in revenue each year.
- Wrote low level serial port routines for capturing data from the serial printer port on Wyse terminals and converting it to DOS based CSV files.

Other Interests

Photography, ceramics, music (mandolin, guitar, blues harp)

Current Roles

  • Senior Technical Officer at CSIRO
    This role involves support and programming while working on the CSIRO research vessel: RV Investigator. The duties include: Developing and maintaining software systems to support the acquisition, processing, visualisation, serving and management of scientific and geospatial data. Designing and providing training for acquisition and processing software. Working with data providers, server providers and standards bodies to facilitate data collection, processing, assigning metadata and archiving scientific data generated by the ship's instruments. Computing support for science staff and vessel crew while on research voyages. Operating data acquisition systems and managing information and communications technology on board the vessel. Diagnosis and rectification of hardware, firmware and software problems with scientific data acquisition and instrumentation systems. Equipment purchasing and upgrades. Processing, quality control and visualisation of data acquired by the Marine National Facility research vessel: RV Investigator.