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Dr Rosita Shishegar is a dynamic Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Clinical Neuroimaging team. Rosita is passionate about health and technology and determined to make an impact in the field. Her current research, in the area of data sciences and neuroimaging, is focused on mapping disease progression in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington’s disease and Friedreich's ataxia. She is leading longitudinal studies using AIBL, ADNI, MAGE-FRDA and the IMAGE-HD multimodal datasets. She also holds an affiliate position at Monash University, School of Psychological Sciences.

Rosita completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, studying brain development using diffusion-weighted MRI. In her PhD research she proposed data analysis approaches for the study of cortical morphometry that addressed the shortcomings of existing methods, with particular application to pre-clinical studies of fetal brain development.