Dr Samantha Stone-Jovicich

Research Scientist

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Dr. Samantha Stone-Jovicich has a background in environmental sociology and social-cultural anthropology. Her current research focuses on understanding how innovative and creative approaches (such as cross-scale partnerships, social learning processes, and innovation systems approaches) that have emerged to address global social-environmental challenges can be designed and implemented for greater impacts. Her primary interest is in the science of systemic change and in strengthening the role science can play in contributing to wide-scale and lasting impacts by rethinking research institutions’ and scientists’ roles, research practices, and the communication of scientific knowledge. Before joining CSIRO in 2006, she spent 10 years working on forest-based conservation and development issues in Latin America, primarily in Brazil. In her PhD research and as a consultant, her work focused on the impacts of political, economic, and cultural structures of inequity at the global-, regional-, and community-levels on rural people dependent on forest resources, and their understanding of and responses to these impacts.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2003

    PhD - Anthropology
    University of Florida

  • 1998

    MA - Sociology
    University of Michigan

  • 1995

    BA - Sociology
    Princeton University

Professional Experiences

  • 2015-current

    Subject Editor
    Ecology & Society

  • 2016-current

    Resilience Alliance

  • 2007-2015

    Resilience Alliance Young Scholars


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