Dr Ingrid van Putten

Research Scientist

Contact details:


I am a research scientist with the ecosystems modelling team at the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, in Hobart, Australia.  My background is in economics and environmental studies. I have a particular interest in applying behavioral economics to help address fisheries and natural resource management problems. In my past research I have focused on understanding social and economic decision making by marine resource users (whether they are commercial fishers, recreational fishers, the aquaculture industry, or tourists) and comprehending their interactions with the biophysical marine environment. I use empirical approaches (such as interviews and different survey techniques) but I also use different modelling tools and approaches (e.g. Bayesian and network analysis). Combining real data and models to represent resource user behavior and interactions at the appropriate level of complexity is a powerful tool to help plan appropriate management interventions.   Overall, I hope to improve the management of important marine systems and ensure their long term viability. 

Current Roles

  • Adjunct senior researcher
    Centre for Marine Socioecology

  • Independent Science Panel member
    Sustainable Seas (New Zealand)

  • Scientific Advisor
    Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR)

  • Chair
    Human Dimensions Wrking Group (IMBeR)

  • Research Advisory Board
    Climate change and European aquatic RESources (CERES)

Academic Qualifications

  • 1994

    Master Environmental studies
    University of Tasmania

  • 2008

    PhD Economics
    University of Tasmania

Professional Experiences

  • 1995-2000

    Resource Economist
    State Government Department of Primary Industry, Water & Environment

  • 2000-2003

    Research Officer
    CSIRO Forestry and Forestry Products

  • 2003-2008

    Contracting services and consulting
    Various State and Commonwealth departments

  • 2008-2009

    Project Manager – Socio and Economic Information
    Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Other highlights

  • Jun 2010-Aug 2010

    Complex Systems Summer School– Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, USA

  • Jun 2011-Aug 2011

    Visiting scientist scholarship – IFREMER, Brest, France

  • Sept 2016-Nov 2016

    Visiting scientist scholarship – IMR, Bergen, Norway

  • 2014-current

    Teaching at IMBeR ClimEco summer schools