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Mr Keith Vining joined CSIRO in 2001 as a Project Scientist. Prior to joining CSIRO Mr Vining held several private sector positions based in the UK, Greece and Australia working primarily working as an Exploration Geologist in base metal exploration.

Keith’s research expertise is in the field of iron ore characterisation and process engineering. He applies this expertise in research projects related to:
- iron ore characterisation,
- development of novel agglomeration processes,
- energy reduction in the iron ore and metallurgical coal value-chains
- bonding mechanisms and binder systems for agglomeration

Since joining CSIRO Keith initially worked in the area of iron ore mineralogy and sinter microstructure characterisation in order to understand the relationship between ore characteristics and sinter physical and metallurgical quality, moving onto the assessment and replacement of metallurgical coke with biomass metallurgical fuel/reductant in agglomeration and solid state reduction processes.

Keith also led the research effort to develop an alternative agglomeration process to develop an upgraded product for direct blast furnace charge from goethitic iron ore fines to add value to the Australian iron ore resource base. Keith led the research effort, which involved input from several commercial partners and successfully internationally patented the process.

In the last 5 years Keith’s research efforts have focussed on establishing a pilot-scale and research capability for coke making at CSIRO’s facility in QLD, Australia. In particular, the research focus has centred on the use of neutron beam technology for 3D imaging of coke particles to assess pore structure development during carbonisation, swelling behaviour during the plastic phase and quantification of open/closed pore structure and nano-pore structure and the subsequent effects on gas-solid interactions in CO2.

Keith is the Group Leader for the Carbon Steel Futures group and has overall responsibility for managing CSIRO’s research effort on sustaining Australia’s iron ore and metallurgical coal resource base and improving the processes for enhanced productivity and environmental performance.

Keith has authored more than 60 technical reports and conference and journal papers and is the holder of 11 international patents related to the agglomeration of goethitic iron ore.