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Dr Mat Vanderklift

Senior Principal Research Scientist


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Mat Vanderklift is a marine ecologist whose research primarily focuses on coastal ecosystems. His research has encompassed tropical and temperate ecosystems in Australia, the USA, France and the Indian Ocean. his research focusses on finding solutions to problems, and he works with managers to identify areas where his science can be useful. He is director of the IORA Indian Ocean Blue Carbon Hub, and leads research projects in the Indian Ocean, including Indonesia and Sri Lanka, that seek to provide the science to support development of policies for "blue carbon" - the organic carbon found in coastal mangrove, seagrass and tidal marsh ecosystems. He also leads the Ningaloo Outlook project, a 5-year $5 million partnership between CSIRO and BHP Billiton that aims to provide science that will inform management of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area.

His other current research foci are developing a sustainable "blue economy" for Australia and the Indian Ocean, the ecology of coral reefs, seagrasses and seaweeds and the organisms that rely on them, working with indigenous ranger groups in the Kimberley to inform management of Indigenous Protected Areas, and the ecology of turtles.

Current Roles

  • Director
    IORA Indian Ocean Blue Carbon hub

  • Project leader
    Ningaloo Outlook

Academic Qualifications

  • 2002


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