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Dr Michiel Van Lookeren Campagne

Pronouns: he,him,his

Honorary Fellow


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Michiel van Lookeren Campagne joined CSIRO in June 2019 as Director, Agriculture & Food, based in Canberra, Australia. Previously he was Head of Seeds Research at Syngenta, based in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, USA.

Michiel received his MSc in Biology, followed by a PhD in Developmental Biology, from Leiden University in the Netherlands for studying the development of cellular slime molds. He then spent five years in New York, USA, starting as post-doc and ending as Assistant Professor at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University working on signal transduction in cancer.

In 1993 Michiel returned to the Netherlands, where he started working on plant development at Plant Research International in Wageningen. In 1999 he moved to industry and joined Aventis CropScience (now Bayer CropScience) starting as Team Leader Reproductive Biology, and ending as Head of Research for BioScience, the Seeds & Traits business of Bayer CropScience.

In 2009 Michiel joined Syngenta as Head of Biotechnology, based in RTP. In 2014 he was appointed Head of Biology Research for Syngenta. After a short stint at their headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, Michiel returned to RTP in 2018 as Head of Seeds Research.

Michiel joined CSIRO in 2019 as Director Agriculture & Food. In 2022 he retired and is currently a CSIRO Honorary Fellow, operating out of Europe.

Current Roles

  • Director
    CSIRO Agriculture & Food