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Dr Nick Van Beest

Team Leader


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I obtained my PhD in Information Systems in 2013 at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. In 2015, I joined Data61 (formerly NICTA), where I work as a Principal Research Scientist in business processes and artificial intelligence.

My research experience covers artificial intelligence, business process and supply chain compliance and optimisation, process mining and knowledge-intensive business processes. I'm currently working on automated runtime monitoring and adaptation of business processes in large international supply chains, to ensure continuous compliance with international regulations and business rules. In addition, I'm working on automated runtime anticipation of process and supply chain disruptions and variability management.

Since May 2018, I lead the Trustworthy Processes team in the Software Systems Research Group.

Current Roles

  • Team Leader
    Trustworthy Processes Team

  • Principal Research Scientist
    Trustworthy Processes Team

Academic Qualifications

  • 2013

    PhD Information Systems
    University of Groningen, The Netherlands

  • 2007

    MPhil Product and Innovation Management
    University of Groningen, The Netherlands

  • 2005

    BSc Technology Management
    University of Groningen, The Netherlands