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Mr Anthony Wright

Team Leader - Building Energy Efficiency


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Anthony leads the Building Simulation Assessment and Communications team in the Energy Systems program. At the job inteview Anthony was asked if he could take 60 years of CSIRO research in residential building thermal physics, and a merry band of scientists, and create mainstream demand for energy efficient housing. So far his efforts include;

Updating energy modelling tools to take advantage of cloud computing and AI
Creating the portal to publicly display informaiton on housing performance in Australia
Training real estate agents to sell energy efficiency
Creating an online platform to help renovators keep sight of, and acheive, their energy effciency aspirations
Working with governments and industry to understand to social drivers of demand for energy efficient housing
Supporting the creation of television that engages audiences in residential energy efficiency and showcases CSIRO work.
Running the well attended Australian Residential Energy Rating Conference and a series of poular monthly webinars.

Anthony is happy to speak to anyone who will listen about good, climate responsive residential building design and construction.

Current Roles

  • Manager - Built Environment & Energy
    Developing government energy efficeincy programs in the built environment.

  • Building Designer and Project Manager
    Designing and managing the construction of 'sustainable' housing.


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