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Brian Walker
Biography – 2015

Born in Zimbabwe Brian has a B.Sc. in agriculture (South Africa) and a Ph.D. in ecology (Saskatchewan). He worked as a tribal lands development officer, a research scientist and a University lecturer in Zimbabwe before moving to the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg for 10 years as Professor of Ecology in the Dept. of Botany. He was Chief of Australia’s CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology for 15 years and is now a Fellow in their Land and Water Flagship.

He has a long list of scientific publications, edited/ co-edited 10 books and has co-authored, with science writer David Salt, two semi-popular books about resilience – “Resilience Thinking” and “Resilience Practice”.

His awards and recognition include:
- Fellow, Australian Academy of Science
- Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
- Foreign Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
- Fellow and past Chair, Beijer International Institute for Ecological Economics, Swedish Academy of Sciences
- Fellow and past Chair, the Resilience Alliance
- Charles Bullard Research Fellow, Harvard University, 1971
- Distinguished Graduate in Agriculture Award, University of Saskatchewan’s 75th Anniversary, 1986
- Ecological Society of Australia Gold Medal, 1999
- Australian Centenary Medal for Service to Australian Society in Ecology, 2003
- Joint recipient, Ecological Society of America Sustainability Award, 2004.