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Dr Charlotte Williams

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Dr Charlotte Williams is a Principal Research Scientist within the Biomedical Manufacturing Program at CSIRO and Team Leader for Bioconjugation Chemistry, and Application Domain Leader for Industrial Biotechnology in the CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform.

Dr Williams has engaged industry, and collaborated widely with universities (co-supervisor, Honours and PhD students). Dr Williams has led a multi-disciplinary project, involving the use of RAFT polymerisation for biomedical applications, a project with $4M of funding from the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF), and designed and delivered on another SIEF-funded project ($2.5M support) “Molecular Machines”, optimising immobilised enzymes for use in flow-reactors.

Williams leads several commercial projects with Australian Biotechnology companies, Tessara Therapeutics, Foray Therapeutics and Glytherix Ltd, with research valued over $2M. Many strategic projects are managed through the Synthetic Biology FSP.

Dr Williams has instigated ongoing strategic research with collaborators, in cancer imaging (University of Queensland and CSIRO Health & Biosecurity), new cardio-protective agents (University of Wollongong and the Baker Heart IDI), biocatalysis in flow (SynBioFSP and RiverStone Biotech). Williams maintains strategic and commercial projects with collaborators at UQ, Monash and QUT, receiving joint ARC Linkage and NHMRC grants. Williams ran a successful International Cutting Edge Symposium in 2021 "Synthetic Biology for Production of Bio-based Materials" co-funded by the Australian Dept of Defence.

Prior to CSIRO, Dr Williams gained industrial experience at Johnson Matthey (UK) before working for Starpharma Pty. Ltd. (Australia) where she worked for over 5 years as a Senior Research Chemist and Research Manager. Dr Williams has been a member of both the ACS and RSC and currently serves as the treasurer for the RACI Bioactive Discovery and Development group. Dr Williams has been appointed Associate Editor of The Australian Journal of Chemistry 2018.

Expertise in synthetic chemistry and conjugation of small molecules, proteins and antibodies, polymer synthesis and polymer bioconjugation. Williams' research focus is on the orthogonal conjugation of small molecule drugs or polymers to therapeutic proteins, such as antibodies or enzymes. Williams' research seeks to develop new theranostic agents for cancer, improve antibody-drug-conjugates including manufacturing methods of ADCs, develop novel targeted cardiovascular drugs, use polymer scaffolds as drug carriers, modify the pharmacokinetics of proteins, develop new biocatalysts for the pharmaceutical industry, and develop enzyme cascades for production of high value molecules in continuous flow reactors.

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    Bioconjugation Chemistry


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