Dr Gerry Wilson

Research Director

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Gerry Wilson received his BSc (Hons) from University College Dublin and a PhD from the Research School of Chemistry (ANU).

During his career in CSIRO he has managed at various times and combinations; the Water; the Biomaterials; the Surface and Colloid; Security Devices; the Nanomaterials and Polymer Groups. He has participated in four CRCs, the CRC for Water Quality & Treatment; the CRC for Eye Research & Technology (later the Vision CRC); the CRC for Polymers and the Rail Manufacturing CRC.
He claims that despite his management, all these groups have had an amazingly high degree of impact – eg extended wear contact lens, security features for polymer banknotes and for other valuable documents, spin outs and joint ventures (PolyNovo and DataTraceDNA), MIEX resin for water purification, major licencing deals with multinationals etc – a tribute he claims is entirely due to the teams of great scientists and business development staff.
He is currently Research Director for Industrial Innovation which comprises 90 permanent staff and 40 Fellows including Post Docs and Students working across physics, chemistry and engineering.
Impact areas include Flexible Printed Electronics, Sensors, Superconductivity, High-speed Instrumentation and Rapid Prototyping.

Other Interests

A geek tragedy unfolding. An enthusiastic participant in Meetups (primarily tech, IoT, entrepreneurship, Maker, LLP etc).
A keen, but woeful, golfer and an enthusiastic, but average sailor, whose boat "Moody Blue" is more often considered a shipping hazard than a genuine contender.
A proud father who loves travelling with his wife and two sons.