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Mr Greg Williams

Associate Director - Health and Biosecurity Futures lead


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Greg is an experienced Associate Director, valued by clients for his collaborative, outcomes-driven style.

Greg leads the Health and Biosecurity portfolio within the CSIRO Futures team and has led a range of multi-sector projects across health, biosecurity, synthetic biology, space and agribusiness. His versatility in managing strategic projects has supported the pathway for sustainable sector and organisational growth, as well as technology investment and implementation. Senior stakeholders across government and industry appreciate his pragmatic approach, timely and open communication and ability to consolidate complex findings into easily communicated key messages for senior decision makers.

Prior to joining CSIRO Futures, Greg spent four years at KPMG’s Melbourne Advisory Group, providing policy and regulatory advisory services to industry and government. Greg has a Bachelor of Science (Genetics) and Commerce (Economics) and a Master of Biotechnology from The University of Melbourne. He received awards across these courses, including the AMGEN Australia prize.

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