Mr Mark Wilson

Microbiologist, Microbiology Services Manager, FRR Culture Collection Curator

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Mark is a microbiologist in the Food Safety and Stability Group of the CSIRO. Mark leads the Microbiology Services team which investigates microbial food spoilage issues for the food and beverage industry, with specific expertise in fungal taxonomy and the role of yeasts and moulds in food spoilage. Mark is also the curator of CSIRO’s Fungal Culture Collection which contains over 6000 isolates important to the food industry (available for distribution both nationally and internationally). Mark also works on a number of projects related to assessing the microbiological safety and stability of foods and beverages, including microbiological challenge testing to assess the efficacy of formulation and processing hurdles.

Current Roles

  • Microbiology Services Manager
    Providing a unique food microbiology service for Australian industries, specialising in unusual or more obscure food safety and spoilage issues.

  • Mycologist
    Providing specialist expertise in the area of fungal identification and taxonomy.

  • Microbiologist
    Providing microbiological expertise in various projects.

  • FRR Fungal Culture Collection curator
    Managing, accessioning and selling of over 6000 fungal cultures

Academic Qualifications

  • 2006

    Bachelor of Science (Zoology/Animal Biology)
    Macquarie University

  • 1997

    Associate diploma
    Sydney Institute of Technology