Dr Monika Wozniak

OCE Postdoctoral Fellow, Oceans & Atmosphere

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I am a post-doc in Coastal Environmental Modelling Team at CSIRO, Oceans & Atmosphere located in Hobart, Tasmania. I am interested in optical properties of phytoplankton and other optically significant components of the sea water measured both remotely and in situ. In my work I focus on biogeochemical modelling and ocean colour observations of the Great Barrier Reef region.

Before joining CSIRO O&A Hobart in October 2016, I have worked as a post-doc in the Radar Remote Sensing group at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. My main research task there was measurement of ocean surface currents with different remote sensing methods.

I received my PhD from the Department of Physical Oceanography, University of Gdansk, Poland. The topic of my PhD project was: Identification of the dominant phytoplankton groups in the algal blooms in the waters of the Baltic Sea using remote sensing methods. It focused on the use of optical remote sensing in the waters of the Baltic Sea. It was an interdisciplinary project which combined of optical theory, radiative transfer modelling, and marine biology.

For more information about me, see www.monikawozniak.pl.

Other Interests

Publications Prior to CSIRO appointment
Available at: http://monikawozniak.pl/publications/

Soja-Woźniak M., Craig S. E., Wojtasiewicz B., Kratzer S., Darecki M., Jones C. T., A Novel Statistical Approach for Ocean Colour Estimation of Inherent Optical Properties and Cyanobacteria Abundance in Optically Complex Waters; Remote Sens. 2017, 9, 343; doi:10.3390/rs9040343.

Carvajal G., Woźniak M., Heuzé C., Eriksson L., Kronsell J., Rydberg B., Assessment of satellite and ground-based estimates of surface currents, Peer reviewed conference paper, 36th IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS 2016; Beijing; China; 10-15 July 2016

Woźniak M., Bradtke K. M., Darecki M., Krężel A., Empirical Model for Phycocyanin Concentration Estimation as an Indicator of Cyanobacterial Bloom in the Optically Complex Coastal Waters of the Baltic Sea; Remote Sens. 2016, 8, 212; doi:10.3390/rs8030212.

Woźniak M., Identification of the dominant phytoplankton groups in the algal blooms in the waters of the Baltic Sea using remote sensing methods. PhD thesis, Gdynia 2014 (in Polish, abstract in English).

Woźniak M., Bradtke K. M., and Krężel A., Comparison of satellite chlorophyll a algorithms for the Baltic Sea, J. Appl. Remote Sens. 8(1)., 2014

Woźniak M. and Krężel A., Sea surface temperature retrieval from MSG/SEVIRI data in the Baltic Sea area, Oceanologia, 52(3), 2010, pp.331-344

Achievements and Awards

  • --2017

    Conference Travel Award
    International Ocean Colour Coordinating Group

Current Roles

  • OCE Postdoctoral Fellow

Academic Qualifications

  • 2015

    Ph.D. Oceanography
    University of Gdansk, Poland

Professional Experiences

  • 2015-2016

    Research Scientist
    Radar Remote Sensing Group at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Other highlights

  • 31/08/2017-18/09/2017

    Research cruise on board r/v Investigator in the East Coast of Australia

  • 20/06/2014-08/07/2014

    Research cruise on board r/v Oceania in the Arctic Ocean region as a part of GAME programme

  • 20/05/2012-30/05/2012

    Research cruise on board r/v Oceania in the Baltic Sea region as a part of the SatBałtyk project