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Mr Peter Wilson’s primary areas of expertise and research include – ecology, land resource assessment, information management, spatial information systems, interoperability and on-line publication of complex data services. Mr Wilson has considerable practical experience, technical skills and applied knowledge which he utilises in the delivery of high quality science to ensure timely completion of major projects of national and international interest.

Peter has successfully managed the Soil Information Team of CSIRO Agriculture and Food since 2013. He has responsibility for managing, coordinating and reporting on a set of diverse and interrelated project activities spanning the provision of high level strategic and technical advice, progressing improved soil data and information management solutions, and technical implementation and delivery of the national soil information infrastructure, including the Australian National Soil Information System ANSIS, and the CSIRO Australian National Soil Archive.

Peter provides national and international leadership in the area of soil data management, harmonisation and exchange. He is the CSIRO representative on the National Committee on Soil and Terrain, and the UN FAO Global Soil Partnership. He represents Australia on the GSP's International Network of Soil Information Institutions and is the current Chair of the regional Pacific Soil Partnership.

Other Interests

Peter is keen to see Australia's resources used wisely and sustainably, particularly through promoting better management of our fragile soils and the need for all users and consumers to have a greater interest and understanding of soils importance to life.

Peter enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, as well as indulging in good food and good wine - all of which depend on the sustainable management of our precious soil resources.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1983

    Bachelor of Sceince - Land management and Ecology