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I am the current research team leader of the Language and Social Computing team. Our research straddles the fields of computational linguistics, natural language processing (NLP), information retrieval and human computer interaction. We apply advances from these fields to develop applications that help users find actionable nuggets of information (for example, paragraphs, sentences, facts, keywords) within a document or collection of documents, facilitating his or her task.

I am particularly interested understanding how language technologies can be harnessed to deliver contextualised information to the user, whereby the application takes the user's interests, tasks and information query needs into account.

To date, we have been developing applications to assist with social media text analysis (the Vizie tool and digital libraries (the CSIBS tool).

I am also interested in the following application spaces: Government 2.0; creative uses of NLP; and improved methods for scholarly research and publishing.

Project Links:
* The election collection: tracking trends on Twitter
* Vizie: Connecting with customers through social media
* “The science of social media”

* [Aug. 2018: “LeaseInfo launches Australia's first AI lease management platform” (AFR)] (https://www.afr.com/real-estate/leaseinfo-launches-australias-first-ai-lease-management-platform-20180808-h13q30)
*[Aug. 2018: “Artificial intelligence set to change lease management processes” (IT Wire)] (https://www.itwire.com/market/84154-artificial-intelligence-set-to-change-lease-management-processes.html)
* [Aug. 2018: “Release of innovative AI software set to revolutionise lease management”] (https://eliteagent.com/release-of-innovative-ai-software-set-to-revolutionise-lease-management/)
* [Aug. 2018: “LeaseInfo launches digital lease management platform Accurait”] (https://qsrmedia.com.au/technology/news/leaseinfo-launches-digital-lease-management-platform-accurait)
* [Aug. 2018: Speech by Stephen Wan at the Accurait launch as lead researcher] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4FSEX-r8x0)
* [Nov. 2017: “SOCIAL MEDIA ARCHIVE: Collecting digital material to provide a documentary record of life in New South Wales”] (http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/research-and-collections-significant-collections/social-media-archive)
*[Oct. 2017: “The Power of Emotional Analysis: Introducing Signal Spotlight”] (http://www.getsignal.info/blog-old/2017/10/17/the-power-of-emotional-analysis-introducing-signal-spotlight)

* Partial list from the CSIRO repository
* See my publication list as PDFs below.

* My LinkedIn profile

Current Roles

  • Project Leader
    Vizie: Text Analysis for Social Media Monitoring

  • Project Leader
    CSIBS: Citation-Sensitive In-Browser Summarisation

Professional Experiences

  • 2005

    Research Scientist
    CSIRO Digital Productivity Flagship

Achievements and Awards

  • 2011

    Endeavour Post-Doctoral Fellowship
    Australian Government: Department of Education and Training

  • 2013

    CSIRO ICT Impact from Science Award


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