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Dr Teresa Wozniak works across population health and health informatics. She has cross-sector experience working in government, not-for-profit and academia. Teresa established the AMR disease surveillance program, HOTspots and the associated digital platform deployed into clinical settings as an interactive and secure surveillance system that provides ongoing automated synthesis of AMR across community clinics and hospitals in northern Australia. These data are accurate for local needs, up-to-date and readily available at point of care, which is particularly important in regional Australia.
Dr Wozniak has a diverse portfolio of both quantitative research and research that is policy relevant. Her model of the economic burden of AMR in Australia has been used in the first National AMR Strategy and she continues to generate research that is relevant to both policy and practice.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2016

    PhD - Disease surveillance of infectious diseases
    University of New South Wales

  • 2007

    PhD - Understanding the immune response to Tuberculosis
    University of Sydney

  • 2010

    Master of Public Health
    University of Sydney

Current Roles

  • Principal Research Scientist, Scientific Lead
    Disease surveillance and public health response to antimicrobial resistance