Dr Jonathan Yu

Research Scientist (Data and Informatics)

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Dr Jonathan Yu is a data scientist with the Environmental Informatics group in CSIRO. He has particular expertise in information and web architectures, data integration (particularly Linked Data), data analytics and visualisation. He currently leads a number of initiatives to develop new approaches and tools for connecting information flows across the environmental domain and the broader digital economy within Australia and internationally.

Dr Yu and his team has developed a number of tools and platforms that is streamlining information flows in Australia. In 2009, he developed tools to help the Bureau of Meteorology harmonise data from across 170 organisations which is delivering a nationally consistent picture on water in Australia and advising the Federal government on water policies through the Water Information Research and Development Alliance (WIRADA). This was a critical issue during the Millennial Drought in Australia.

In 2014, he led a team who developed a new water and energy data standard, and tools for connecting urban researchers and policy analysts with water/energy consumption data via the AURIN initiative. He and his team standardised and opened up data across 17 organisations on water and energy via AURIN which previously unavailable and is today enabling evidence-based decision making about water and energy, and urban policy.

Dr Yu developed underlying technology which is powering the D61+ Expert Connect platform, which aims to connect Industry and Government officers seeking specific capability and track record with expertise across the Australian innovation sector. The underlying technology is integrating data from multiple agencies and powering its search functions to allow users find experts to help the industry and government innovate and develop new products, services and industries.

Currently, Dr Yu is leading a team developing a web platform that will enable greater discovery and use of government, scientific, academic and spatial data via the CSIRO Knowledge Network (https://knowledgenet.co). This data is currently published but is fragmented across multiple repositories and organisations. Knowledge network provides a single site which helps users of this data (policy analysts, scientists and researchers) connect and find relevant data that is published by government and science agencies, making it as easy and accessible as a Google search.

Research interests include:

  • Development of approaches to streamline information supply chains,
  • Application of ontologies and controlled vocabularies to enable data exchange and interoperability
  • Design and implementation of information architectures
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Innovation and lean methods for informatics - e.g. Agile and lean data ecosystems
  • User-centered design and implementation for scientific information challenges

Current Roles

  • Technical lead
    CSIRO Knowledge Network

  • Project Lead
    Digital Asset Management implementations in L&W (Project DAMbusters)

  • Project leader
    Open Research/Govt Data Survey pilot project

  • Data scientist
    Data integration and catalogs - Energy Use Data Model (Stream 5)

Academic Qualifications

  • 2009

    Doctor of Philosophy, RMIT

  • 2003

    Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science) (Hon), RMIT

  • 2002

    Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science) / Diploma of Business (Management), RMIT


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For more publications, please see Google Scholar: _ikiM_EAAAAJ Researcher ID: F-2336-2011 ORCID: 0000-0002-2237-0091