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Mr Paul Yeoh

Experimental Scientist


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Paul Yeoh is an Experimental Scientist at CSIRO with particular interests in the biological control of weeds. He is an experienced empirical field ecologist with a focus on impact assessments and collecting growth and abundance information on weed invasions. In the laboratory, Paul is likely to be gathering data on the response of weeds to various environmental conditions so as to enable the modelling of these plants to potential future climate scenarios.In the past, Paul has spent considerable time in quarantine facilities running host specificity trials for potential biological control agents and rearing insects for sterile insect release programs.

Other Interests

boating, fishing, snorkelling, swimming, travelling, nature photography, squash , volleyball

Academic Qualifications

  • 1984

    BSc(Botany/Zoology) Hons Zoology
    University of Western Australia

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • Health and Safety Representative

  • Fire Warden

  • Local Radiation Contact

  • Lab Manager (incubator rooms)

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