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Dr Ian Zajac

Research Scientist


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I am a Research Scientist and also a registered Clinical Psychologist, maintaining a dual research/clinical role. I collaborate with industry and other partners to help them develop and substantiate nutritional and dietary interventions for health benefits, with a particular focus on human cognitive function and Psychological wellbeing (including mental health disorders).

My research has involved large-scale clinical substantiation trials in all age groups (including young children and the elderly) and also individuals with chronic disease (e.g., Diabetes). Recent projects have explored nutrient-enriched dairy products, D and B-group vitamins, caloric-restriction patterns and weight-loss interventions on cognitive function, fatigue and mood.

In addition to expertise in clinical trials, I have a track record in the area of preventive health behaviours (e.g., cancer screening). In this area, I have worked collaboratively with Government and other organisations to translate research into practice to improve health behaviours in large populations. Current work in this area includes exploring the utility of wearable technologies in a mental health context, as well as improving the identification of mental health difficulties in at-risk groups, including men.

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