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Ms Janet Anstee

Team Leader


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Janet Anstee is a Senior Experimental Scientist with CSIRO's Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship and the Coastal Management and Development Program where she leads the Aquatic Remote Sensing Team.

Janet is an application specialist with a background in:
• Project and Team management
• Retrieval of environmental information from satellite data
• In situ acquisition of bio-optical data
• Multi-temporal analysis, and the
• Integration of remotely sensed data into process models.

Her current research is in the application of validated bio-optical models to enable improved discrimination of aquatic and floodplain habitats. Her early work focused on the operationalism of airborne hyperspectral data acquired over optically shallow waters and more recently she has helped develop and apply innovative remote sensing methodologies for monitoring coastal habitats and inland water quality using hyperspectral and multispectral sensors. This work involves atmospheric radiative transfer and semi-analytical inversion models and is underpinned by substantial scientific, technical and logistical expertise in aquatic remote sensing calibration and validation.

Achievements and Awards

  • 2021-2021

    R&D Excellence Award
    Australian Water Association

  • 2020-2020

    CSIRO Collaboration Award
    CSIRO - Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment team

  • 2009-2009

    CLW Divisional Publication Award
    CSIRO Land and Water

  • 2005-2005

    Team Member: Excellence in Science Award
    (Coastal CRC

  • 2004-2004

    Chief's Award (Pit River Projects)
    CSIRO Land and Water

  • 2002-2002

    Team Member: Excellence in Science Award
    Coastal CRC

Professional Experiences

  • 2014-current

    Research Team Leader
    CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

  • 2014-2014

    Senior Experimental Scientist
    CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

  • 1997-2014

    Experimental Scientist
    CSIRO Land and Water

  • 1994-1997

    Experimental Scientist
    CSIRO Water Resources

  • 1993-1994

    Summer Vacation Scholarship
    CSIRO Water Resources

Published data & software

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