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Mrs Danielle Baird

Research Technician


Danielle Baird is a Research Dietitian in CSIRO's Public Health and Wellbeing Program with significant research experience in the analysis of food intake behaviour, dietary patterning and predictive modelling. Danielle has conducted complex analysis on diverse dietary data sets including the recent Australian Health Survey, the 2007 Children’s Nutrition Survey, the Total Wellbeing Diet online members database, and the CSIRO Healthy Diet Score survey. She has become a respected and trusted advisor, both internally and externally, in providing technical expertise related to her discipline of nutrition and dietetics and analytical proficiency with both large and small dietary data sets. This work is instrumental to better understanding Australians food choices and dietary behaviour, how these impact on important issues such as obesity, food security, climate change and the need for policy reform.

Key roles include:
- Complex manipulation and analysis of large and small data sets
- Translation and dissemination of dietary findings into client reports, conference proceedings and manuscripts
- Systematic reviews

Academic Qualifications

  • 2008

    Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours)
    Flinders University of South Australia