Ms Naomi Boughen

Research Projects Officer

Contact details:

  • PO BOX 883


Ms Boughen joined CSIRO in November 2004 and is part of a team of social and economic scientists exploring stakeholder perceptions to a range of complex issues that are strategically important to Australia. Ms Naomi Boughen's research has broadly focused on understanding citizen attitudes to technology, and has been applied to both energy and mineral sectors.

Her early research involved scoping the social dimensions of Australia's seafloor exploration and mining industry. This research investigates the social viability of an expanded seafloor exploration and mining industry in Australia. It identifies the issues that might surround an expansion in terms of:

• the regulatory contexts
• international precedence
• social acceptability.

Her research has also involved exploring public perceptions towards climate change and low emission energy technologies. Ms Boughen played a key role in convening and managing the Energy Futures Forum, which received the CSIRO Partnership Excellence Award in 2007. The forum was a unique exercise that brought together Australia’s energy and environment stakeholders to identify plausible scenarios and their implications for the nation’s energy future. More recently, Ms Boughen contributed a social science dimension to the Future Grid Forum which brought together more than 120 representatives of the electricity industry, government and community to inform and inspire the national conversation about the future of electricity in Australia and provide a way forward for the sector, its stakeholders and, most importantly, all Australians.

Following this, Ms Boughen provided input to a range of strategy and foresight projects, including:
• The future of Australian sport
• Current profile and future trends for the Australian chemicals and plastics industry
• The future of tourism in Queensland
• Future resource sector trends and implications for Queensland

Ms Boughen is currently exploring what constitutes a ‘Social Licence to Operate’ in the minerals sector and has contributed to the following country reports:
• Australian attitudes towards minerals. Citizen Survey - 2014 Results
• Chilean attitudes towards minerals. Citizen Survey - 2014 Results
• Chinese attitudes towards minerals. Citizen Survey - 2014 Results

Ms Boughen has been awarded a:

• Bachelor of Environmental Management (Rural Systems) from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia in 2001.
• Graduate Certificate in Research Methods (Social Science) from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2007.

She has also completed a course on ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems through Central Queensland University, Australia, and has participated in workshops on:

• social impact assessment: concepts, methods and techniques
• foundations of facilitation.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2001

    Bachelor of Environmental Management (Rural Systems)
    University of Queensland

  • 2007

    Graduate Certificate in Research Methods (Social Science)
    University of Queensland


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