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Dr Tim Baynes

Senior Research Scientist

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I have been a researcher at CSIRO for more than 15 years, investigating scenarios of population growth, resource use, material and energy flows, and environmental impacts from the regional to the international scale. My research on sustainable consumption and production takes a multi-disciplinary, integrative approach that intersects with analysis at the city level: urban metabolism, urban resilience, industrial ecology, climate adaptation, low-carbon cities, and assessing urban strategy. Most recently, I co-authored the UN International Resource Panel's report on The Weight of Cities: Resource Requirements of Future Urbanization. I have also taken a lead role in the Cities and Infrastructure work of the Australian National Outlook (ANO) series of projects: the 2015 version was published in Nature (November 5th 2015), featuring on the front cover and the 2019 version was launched last year in partnership with National Australia Bank. Other work on climate impacts and adaptation was cited in the Human Settlements, and Australasian chapters of the IPCC 5th Assessment, I was a contributing author to the Urban Chapter of the Global Energy Assessment and in other projects I have advised to the United Nations Environment Program on resource efficiency in the Asia-Pacific region. Earlier research with the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales, focused on applied physics, and led to highly cited international journal articles on magnetics and biophysics. I have broad academic and research experience that I like to think brings some creative thinking on open ended problems of sustainability and economic development.

Other Interests

Systems dynamics of the physical capital stocks and material and energy flows across international, regional and urban economies.

Integrating forecasts, government policy and material and energy flow analysis in long-term scenarios for sustainability assessment

Applying complex systems science and industrial ecology concepts in health care and urban systems.

Current Roles

  • Leader and Senior Research Scientist
    Sustainable Consumption and Production Team

  • Leader of Cities and Infrastructure
    Australian National Outlook Project

  • Secretary on the Board of Directors
    International Society for Industrial Ecology

  • Honorary Associate Professor at the Fenner School, Australian National University
    Supervision of students, guest lectures, collaboration on urban research

Academic Qualifications

  • 1995

    BSc Medical Physics

  • 2002

    PhD Applied Physics

Achievements and Awards

  • 2016-

    Impact from Science Medal

  • 2019-

    Collaboration Medal