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Mr Conlan has been building software since completing his bachelor degree in 1994 at James Cook University. He is currently part of the engineering team at the Australian e-Health Research Centre where he started in 2005. He has worked on a variety of technologies and subject areas, including health, banking and retail.

Medtex (The Australian e-Health Research Centre 2014-2017)
Medtex is a tool for processing unstructured health data to extract some useful or timely information such as cancer staging or checking for missed follow-up after discharge.
milxSim (The Australian e-Health Research Centre 2007-2014)
The ‘milxSim’ platform is a framework developed to build surgical simulation and training tools, initially a colonoscopy simulator. The software is also being used to develop a bronchoscopy simulation, part task training tools and medical data visualisation.
HDI (The Australian e-Health Research Centre 2005-2007)
HDI was a tool for research staff to run data queries on health information stored across multiple organisations, while preserving privacy. The tool provides a distributed database across heterogeneous data sources, and special linking functionality to produce fuzzy identity matching without compromising privacy.
Health Connect (DSTC 2004-2005)
The Health Connect project at DSTC involved building a trail system for an Australia wide Electronic Health Record. The software is designed to provide easy access to vital health information, and includes an extensible framework for merging of disparate health data.
Credit Risk (Royal Bank of Scotland 2000-2004)
Credit Risk counterparty limits application used by the Corporate Banking and Financial Markets (CB&FM) arms of the bank. The system interfaces to the front office trading and credit management systems. Credit risk grading engine used to create industry specific grading
scorecards to establish customer credit ratings.
Mirrabooka Systems 1998-2000
Administration of radiation oncology clinics to major hospitals around Australia. Software for the sugar cane industry tracking the cane through the milling process, including the payment of farmers based on the quality of their cane.
Cyberminds 1997-1998
Web based online shopping cart software.
Control (Australian Creative Computing 1995-1997)
Control is a point of sale, stock control and account package aimed at small business.
Year One Software 1994-1995
Point of sale software for petrol stations.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1994

    Bachelor of Science (honours)
    James Cook University