Dr Simon Cox

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Simon has been researching standards for publication and transfer of earth and environmental science data since the emergence of the world wide web. Starting in geophysics and mineral exploration, he has engaged with most areas of environmental science, including water resources, marine data, meteorology, soil, ecology and biodiversity. He is principal- or co-author of a number of international standards, including Geography Markup Language, and Observations & Measurements, that have been broadly adopted in Australia and Internationally. His current work focuses on aligning science information with the semantic web technologies and linked open data principles, and the formalization, publication and maintenance of controlled vocabularies and similar reference data.

Dr Cox is the author of over 40 journal articles, 30 technical specifications and international standards, and 150 conference papers.He was awarded the 2006 Gardels Medal by the Open Geospatial Consortium, and was selected to present the 2013 Leptoukh Lecture for the American Geophysical Union.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1987

    Columbia University

  • 1981

    Imperial College London

  • 1980

    University of Cambridge

Professional Experiences

  • 2012-present

    Research Scientist
    CSIRO Land and Water

  • 2010-2012

    Research Scientist
    CSIRO Earth Science & Resource Engineering

  • 2009-2010

    Senior Fellow
    European Commission - Joint Research Centre

  • 1994-2009

    Research Scientist
    CSIRO Exploration & Mining

  • 1990-1994

    Monash University Earth Sciences

  • 1987-1990

    Research Scientist
    CSIRO Geomechanics

Achievements and Awards

  • 2006

    Gardels Medal
    Open Geospatial Consortium

  • 2013

    Leptoukh Lecture
    American Geophysical Union

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2015-2018

    Research Data Alliance - Vocabulary Services Interest Group - co-convenor

  • 2018-present

    CODATA Executive Committee

  • 2017-present

    W3C Dataset eXchange Working Group

  • 2012-present

    Australian Government Linked Data Working Group

  • 2007-present

    Standards Australia IT-004 - Member

  • 2010-2018

    Open Geospatial Consortium - Geosemantics Working Group - Co-chair

  • 2009-2017

    Open Geospatial Consortium - Naming Authority - Chair

  • 2013-2016

    Research Data Alliance - Technical Advisory Board

  • 2015-present

    W3C Spatial Data on the Web Working Group

  • 2010-2016

    Open Geospatial Consortium - Architecture Board

  • 2013-2016

    Open Geospatial Consortium - Planning Committee

  • 2013-2015

    Ocean Data Interoperability Platform - Steering Committee

  • 2013-2015

    American Geophysical Union - Earth and Space Science Informatics Focus Group - Executive Board Member

  • 2008-2015

    ISO Technical Committee 211 - Harmonized Model Maintenance Group - Member

  • 2005-2014

    Associate editor - Computers and Geosciences

  • 2010-2011

    ISO Technical Committee 211 - Working group on configuration management - Chair

  • 2008-2011

    International Association of Mathematical Geosciences - Council

  • 2004-2008

    International Union of Geological Sciences, Commission for Geoscience Information - Council

  • 1999-2002

    Australian Government Locator Service - Advisory Board - Member

  • 1999-2000

    Dublin Core Metadata Initiative - Advisory Board - Member


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