Dr Sandra Eady

Post Retirement Fellow

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Dr Sandra Eady is a Post Retirement Fellow based at CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Armidale, NSW. Dr Eady is a livestock geneticist with expertise in developing national breeding programs and implementing them on-farm. Her current activities expand her expertise in farming systems to the area of life cycle assessment, determining the carbon and water for agricultural products, on-farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions profiles and opportunities for biosequestration of carbon. Dr Eady is lead author of a CSIRO report that explores the GHG mitigation and carbon storage opportunities from rural land use for Queensland and, more broadly, Australia, a publication that shaped the design of nation policy on climate change. She is a member of a number of working groups guiding precincts to achieve a zero net emissions goal. Sandra has completed a number of lifecycle assessments for agricultural products, including canola for access to the lucrative EU biofuel market, and continues to lead the development of a publically available database of life cycle inventory, published through AusLCI.