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Dr Andrew Hoskins

Senior Research Scientist


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I am a quantitative biologist experienced in developing and applying novel statistical and technical solutions at the intersection of human and ecological systems. My work focuses on feral animal control, biodiveristy assessment and Indigenous-led mand mangement. My expertise lies in integrating multiple disparate data streams, through the use of smart modelling techniques, to produce spatially explicit estimates of biodiversity change, species behaviour and anthropogenic influence. I apply this expertise across local to global scales, within both marine and terrestrial environments.

My research bridges the gap between large-area (e.g. continental and global) ecological assessments and land managment and the underlying fine-grained ecological processes that they describe. In general, many large-area monitoring and assessment of biodiversity are constrained in the spatial and temporal scales at which they are useful by the available methods and data being used to derive them. My goal is to bring the scale of understanding down within broad-area ecological models, increasing their relevance at local and sub-regional scales. I am also interested in how different pressures (anthropogenic, biotic and abiotic) influence and change not just ecological systems, but also species behaviour. To this end, I undertake work which looks at:

  • co-designing digitally accelerated, Indigenous-led, land management methodologies for Northern Australia
  • developing species monitoring and assessment programs, at local to national scales
  • new analytical methodologies and tools for understanding ecological change, in particular while using sparse and unstructured datasets
  • local to global biodiversity asessments and assessment tools
  • feral vertebrate - pigs, buffalo and cattle - behaviour, ecology and control

Current Roles

  • Project lead
    Landscape scale herd management of unmanaged cattle and buffalo in northern Australian indigenous estate to support economic development, landscape restoration and protection of cultural and environmental assets

  • Project lead
    The National Koala Monitoring Program

  • Project co-lead
    Extracting the signal of change in community-composition EBVs from big unstructured species-occurrence datasets through Azure-enabled spatiotemporal analytics

Academic Qualifications

  • 2014

    Doctor of Philosophy
    Deakin Univeristy

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