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I am Team Leader for Deposition and Additive Structures at CSIRO. The team comprises a wealth of expertise in additive manufacturing, and world class facilities in cold spray, electron beam and laser-based metal 3d printing.

Much of my own research at CSIRO is based on cold spray. Cold spray is a materials deposition process which works by accelerating particles within a supersonic gas jet. Research topics include microstructural changes during high velocity particle impact, and particle bonding mechanisms, i.e. "what makes cold spray stick?".

Our team have developed new uses for cold spray in industry, including wear-resistant titanium printer rollers, surfaces that resist biofouling such as barnacles, and repair methods for metal components. A major focus for our lab is combining cold spray and robots to additively manufacture large metal parts.

Other research areas that I have been involved in include; characterisation of seawater corrosion of aluminium surfaces, fluidised bed-based surface treatments and wear resistant coatings for tooling.

Current Roles

  • Research Team Leader
    Deposition and Additive Structures

Academic Qualifications

  • 2005

    Deakin University

  • 2000

    Bachelor of Science and Engineering
    Monash University