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Dr Charles Lindall

Medical And Manufacturing Commercialisation


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Contact details:

PO BOX 218


I coordinate Equity deals and Commercialisation of CSIRO's medical, healthcare and manufacturing technologies.

I am an experienced leader in medical partnering, product development and commercialisation with extensive experience in capital raisings, joint ventures, intellectual property strategy, business development and licencing as well as having worked for a range of companies. I was a key commercial driver behind the formation of PolyActiva, PolyNovo, Rhythm BioSciences and Cardihab and the co-development of the Colvera product by CSIRO and Clinical Genomics. My background is in Medical products, technology transfer and chemistry. Previously I was Director of Business Development and Commercial at CSIRO Manufacturing including leading our Medical business development. Previously I worked for Johnson Matthey (Pharma/Chemicals), ICI and BP.

Key achievements

I have played a key role in the Commercialisation and launch of the following classes of Products:

ColVera (Molecular diagnostics marketed by Clinical Genomics and Quest)
Surgical Simulation products with Surgical Science
Gastro-intestinal catheters
Cardiovascular implant materials with a variety of companies
Catalysts for various applications


I have been closely involved with the formation and funding of 8 new companies based both around CSIRO technologies/capabilities and inventions from outside CSIRO. They include

i) PolyActiva Pty Ltd – I was a key CSIRO driver behind this spin-out from BTA
ii) Elk Biologics Pty Ltd
iii) PolyNovo Ltd
iv) Cardihab Pty Ltd
v) MecRx Pty Ltd
vi) Rhythm BioSciences Ltd
vii) MetaBloQ Pty Ltd
viii) Start-ups NanoMed, Arkwright Technologies, PhotoSeal

Major Alliances:

I am deeply experienced in corporate relations - initiating and managing customers and partners including large and small partnerships. Some larger relationships I initiated and/or managed include:

i) Clinical Genomics – 6 year alliance resulting in Colovantage Plasma test for cancer
ii) CSL/WEHI – multi-year alliance – drug discovery
iii) Cardiovascular major– originated an ongoing product development alliance
iv) Vision CRC – 6 year alliance involving implantable devices and clinical trials
v) CRC Alertness/Productivity

Joint ventures:

i) Formation of Bionic Technologies Australia (BTA); board member 2006-2009.
ii) Establishment of CRC Polymer; board member 2009-10
iii) Melbourne Genomic Health Alliance 2013-
iv) Stem Cells Australia

I acted as a Consultant - Medical Markets and Technology, Austrade (May 2014- October 2014):
to build a pipeline of pan-Australia inward investment opportunities for R&D/Productisation in the Medical, Materials, Manufacturing and ICT-Digital Economy sectors.


After completing his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at Sydney University, Charles did a postdoc for two years at St Andrews University studying ion transfer across membranes; From 1993 to 1999 worked for ICI Europe in product development and sales. From 2000 to 2003 (Johnson Matthey) he was responsible for marketing a range of products of which he was co-inventor. He has deep experience in Asia and has established joint venture manufacturing operations in China and Taiwan.

Professional Areas

Current Roles

  • Investment Committee Member
    UniSeed Investment Fund

Academic Qualifications

  • 2003

    Durham Uni

  • 1992

    Sydney Uni

  • 1988

    BSc(Hons) First
    Syd Uni

  • 2006

    Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors

  • 2005

    Grad Cert in Adult training and Education - UTS

  • 2003

    Grad Cert in Human Resource management and Development - Sheffield Hallam Uni
    Sheffield Hallam Uni

Professional Experiences

  • 1993-2003

    ICI- Johnson Matthey

  • 1992-1993

    Uni of St Andrews

Achievements and Awards

  • 2011-2012

    CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement and Entrepreneurship for the PhotoSeal product

  • 2017-2017

    CSIRO Medal for Entrepreneurship for establishing the Clinical Genomics relationship and deals resulting in ColVera