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Dr Astrid Poelman

Behavioural Nutrition Scientist and Team Leader


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Dr Astrid Poelman is a behavioural nutritionist and consumer scientist with international research experience. Her translational research focuses on the interface of the person and their environment to generate insights that support healthy eating behaviours. She also develops behavioural interventions and resources for community settings to support adoption of healthy eating behaviours. Astrid has extensive experience in sensory and consumer science for the food industry and uses this knowledge to develop new tools and interventions relevant to public health nutrition. A specific area of interest is increasing children’s enjoyment of vegetables as a sustainable way to influence lifelong vegetable consumption.

Astrid has extensive experience working with the horticultural and food industry, acting as a trusted advisor. She enjoys multi-disciplinary collaboration, and has worked with experts from different fields including education, flavour science, genomics, processing and material science. She is experienced in leading cross-cultural research projects.

Astrid is a Registered Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia.

Current Roles

  • Principal Research Consultant Behaviour Science
    CSIRO Health & Biosecurity

Academic Qualifications

  • 2016

    PhD Sensory Science / Human Nutrition
    Wageningen University, the Netherlands

  • 1994

    MSc Human Nutrition
    Wageningen University, the Netherlands

  • 1991

    BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
    Hanze University, the Netherlands

Professional Experiences

  • 2023-Present

    Team Leader Program Development Public Health & Wellbeing
    CSIRO Health & Biosecurity

  • 2021-current

    Principal Research Consultant Behaviour Science
    CSIRO Health & Biosecurity

  • 2019-2021

    Team Leader Sensory and Consumer Science
    CSIRO Agriculture & Food

  • 2012-2019

    Team Leader Sensory, Flavour and Consumer Science

  • 2006-2012

    Project leader Sensory and Consumer Science

  • 1998-2006

    Sensory and consumer scientist
    Agrotechnology & Food Innovations - Wageningen University & Research Centre (The Netherlands)

  • 1997-1998

    International Product Manager Infant Milk Formula
    FrieslandCoberco Dairy Foods (The Netherlands)

  • 1994-1996

    Assistant Project Coordinator
    Population Services International (Benin, West Africa)

Achievements and Awards

  • 2021-2021

    People's Choice Award - Poster AIFST conference

  • 2019-2019

    Best Abstract (2nd prize) at NSA Conference
    Nutrition Society of Australia


  • 2017-2022

    Tools and interventions to increase children's vegetable consumption (VG16064)

  • 2016-2019

    Vegetable Education Resource - Stage 2 (VG15067)

  • 2014-2016

    Vegetable Education Resource (VG13089)

  • 2012-2013

    Barriers to vegetable consumption (VG12070)

  • 2008-2010

    Increasing children's acceptance of vegetables (VG08049)

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