Dr David Rolls

Senior Health Statistician

Contact details:

  • +61396627159


David Rolls is a mathematician and statistician who obtained his PhD in 2003. With a background in scientific computing, his work has been applied and strongly computational in nature. Prior to CSIRO, his role was Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne for nine years across the departments of Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, and Psychological Sciences. He also served as Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics in the United States for four years.

Since starting at CSIRO in 2016, David’s work has focussed on the analysis of hospital admission and emergency presentation data. In previous roles, he performed modelling and analysis for projects in a range of areas, including population health, social network analysis, finance and telecommunications. In population health, he developed and co-published innovative modelling work on the spread of hepatitis C and the role of disease-relevant contact networks. He also used survey data to perform analysis of factors influencing disease-relevant contact networks in Australia. In finance, he co-developed models and statistical methods with application to high-frequency financial data. He has co-authored over a dozen peer-reviewed articles.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2003

    Queen's University at Kingston

  • 1997

    Queen's University at Kingston

  • 1993

    B.Ed (Dean's Honour List)
    University of Western Ontario

  • 1993

    B.Math (Honours Teaching Option - Co-operative with Distinction)
    University of Waterloo

Professional Experiences

  • 2007-2016

    Academic Research
    University of Melbourne

  • 2003-2007

    University of North Carolina Wilmington


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