Dr Eric Raes

Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact details:

  • GPO BOX 1538


My research interests and scientific skills are focused on the questions that relate to how microbial diversity, especially in relation to the nitrogen cycle, can be linked to changes in biogeochemical processes, both now and under future climate driven changes.

My molecular skills cover a range of techniques, such as PCR, qPCR (to target the functional genes of specific nitrogen cycling pathways), microarray, and Illumina next generation sequencing. Complementarity analytical skills, which I have, cover isotope biogeochemistry and a solid theoretical and practical understanding of the nitrogen cycle including the ecological relevance of phytoplankton and microbial taxa.

During my work and research, I have fostered a multidisciplinary approach that allowed me to synthesize and bridge links between the fields of microbiology, biogeochemistry, and marine ecology in coastal and open oceanic environments ranging from tropical to temperate and arctic environments.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2016

    PhD Biological Oceanography
    University of Western Australia

  • 2010

    Master in Ecological Marine Management
    Free University of Brussels

  • 2004

    Master in Biology
    University of Antwerp, Belgium


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